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Telephone Sanitiser Spray 400ml

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Product Description

Telephone Sanititser


Quick Benefits:

  • A high quality alcohol based aerosol combining sanitising and air freshing properties.
  • Contains Triclosan for proven biocidal effiency.
  • Cleans ans sanitises telephones.
  • Prevents cross infection by reducing the spread of airbourne bacteria.
  • Deodorises and freshens sick rooms.
  • Also suitable as a general purpose air freshener.
  • Ozone friendly. Does not contain chlorofluorocarbons.


How to use:

Product Uses: For cleaning and sanitising telephones, microphones, headsets and all audio equipment where multi person use could lead to the spread of infection. also for nursing homes, sickrooms, care homes and as a general purpose air freshener.

Directions: As a room spray. close windows and doors. spray away from occupants into corners of a room, a 3 - 5 second spray is adeuate for the average room. Leave 10 minutes before opening doors and windows. For telephones and instruments. Spray onto a cloth or tissue and wipe clean. We do not recommend spraying directly onto telephones. RECOMENDED USAGE: A short spray leaves the air fresh, clean and healthy. Ideal for hospitals, sick rooms and offices.


Detailed Information: 

Odour: Orange

Density: 0.70

Shelf life: 2 years mininum 

Composition: Triclsan and perfume carried in a alcohol base. 

Biodegradability: All surfactants used in Hygenol products comply with the current European Regulations concerning biodegradability and protection of the environment. 

Quality Assurance: This product is manufactured in the U.K. Under an ISO 9001 Quality Management System Cert. No. FM 09535 and an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Cert. No. EMS 506072 registered by the British Standards Institution.



For more information please contact us or download our product safety data sheet

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